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The violinist and sax player of Punta Cana performing at Huracan cafe wedding venue

One more time, it was a gorgeous wedding at Huracan Cafe, Wedding Venue & Italian Restaurant.

For those that still doesn't heard about Huracan Cafe, it's a beautiful wedding venue in the center of Bavaro, Punta Cana. Where you will enjoy your ceremony feet in the sand, facing the blue Caribbean sea and the dinner reception feeling the breeze in your hair.

The really nice point of Huracan Cafe for the bride is the bridal room with the fresh air conditioning, made of huge window glasses that let you enjoy the sea view during your preparation of hair and makeup...

Working there is a real pleasure for any vendors!

We start the ceremony with the music performance of

The Punta Cana Live Music violinist.

The beautiful sound of the violin began to ring all around the Huracan Cafe Wedding Venue, and the celebration was officially ON!!

Waiting the bride, the violin player performed some lovely wedding songs and then plays, first, the "Canon in D" then "A thousand years" and finish the ceremony with the "Wedding March"...

For the little story, when the 7 years old groomsman walk down the aisle, he slip a bit and the rings fall off in the sand but the violinist notice this and picked them up and save the wedding ceremony... :)

After that the DJ put some good music during the cocktail hour, the moment that everyone are on the beach for the wedding family and friends photography shooting...

Just the time for the saxophonist tenor of Punta Cana Live Music to do the sound check and get ready to play at the dinner reception.

The Punta Cana Live Music sax player

When all the guests were seated at the dinner tables, splendidly decorated by the amazing crew of the Huracan cafe wedding team, the tenor sax player started to play.

As always he perfomed the wedding songs the bride required for the dinner reception .

Her playlist for this day was:

I'm pretty sure they really like the wedding music cause most of the guest were singing at the same time the saxophone player was playing!

Wedding venue: Huracan Cafe

Wedding planner: Nati

Wedding entertainment: Punta Cana Live Music violin and saxophone

Thanks Melanie,the lovely bride, to trust in the musicians of Punta Cana Live Music!


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