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AlSol Hotels, luxury weddings & music events in Cap Cana

AlSol Hotels & Resorts is a new hotel with four spectacular resorts for weddings and music events in Cap Cana, a gated community in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Two of them are located in the village and are overlooking the precious marina of Cap Cana. (AlSol Tiara and AlSol Luxury Village)

And the two others are facing the white Caribbean beach. (AlSol Sanctuary and AlSol Del Mar)

The good thing with these four destinations is that, on top of wonderful resort services, good food and nice rooms, both are also offering you a large possibilities of gazebo location for your beautiful ceremony as well as many diversify live music stages to help you to enjoy any kind of special events.

Luxury weddings

At AlSol Luxury Village and AlSol Tiara, Cap Cana:

In fact, if you chose to get married at Alsol Luxury Village or at Alsol Tiara, your wedding planner will suggest 8 different places to walk down the aisle:

  • "The Caribbean playita"

For the brides who always dreamed about a white sand beach ceremony, it's the perfect gazebo in Punta Cana... Private, intimate without tourist walking behind your scene, it can accommodate up to 150 guests. And if you are asking yourself "but so close to the sea, how can I get amplified music for my ceremony?", don't worry cause Punta Cana Live Music have a autonomous sound system...

  • "The Sunset Ocean Pier"

You should definitely choose this gazebo if your idea of wedding photos were with a sunset background. It fits approximatively 80 guests in there...

Let me suggest you a romantic violin player to complete this dreaming scene...

  • "The Terraza de Amor"

No more than 50 guests at your wedding, so you should consider this quaint terrace in your choice. Intimate, lovely and overlooking the Caribbean sea.

Why not using a traditional dominican trio to perform boleros or baladas at the sound of the two guitar and the voice of the singer...

  • "The Sunset Canala Garden"

The smallest (around 15 guests) but probably one of the most romantic gazebo... This tropical garden is looking at the marina of Cap Cana with the sunset view. Stunning!

It's just missing a fabulous wedding music trio to escort you, walking down the aisle...

  • "The Sky Terrace"

Accommodating up to 80 guests, this wedding gazebo will give you a huge panoramic view for your ceremony from the beautiful terrace.

The first time I saw this place, I thought, "íf I will getting married there, I will request a soprano saxophone player playing some wedding songs of Kenny G...."

  • "The grand canal Amphitheatre"

This one is the largest gazebo you can find in the Alsol Hotels. More than 350 guests, you will enjoy a massive amphitheatre to celebrate your ceremony with many possibilities for you to organize your walk down the aisle... By night it looks gorgeous with all the lights of the canal!!

The Punta Cana Live Music duo Sax/Piano will fit perfectly at your cocktail hour remaining you the great jazz standards...

  • "The church courtyard patio"

It offer you a really nice courtyard with the colonial chapel in the background, approximatively accommodating around 150 guests.

Ideal to book our flutist to guide you during the wedding ceremony. In outdoor, it will sound angelic...

  • "The seaside chapel"

This stunning chapel without name is located right in the center of Cap Cana Village boarding the water. Believer or not, your wedding ceremony over there will be gorgeous. About 100 guests would be able to join you to celebrate your Big Day!

And they all probably would love to listen some classic wedding music performing by the duo violin/flute of Punta Cana Live Music...

At AlSol Del Mar, Cap Cana:

Or you can opt for Alsol Del Mar, the cosy one which would propose two splendid gazebo:

  • "The Caribbean Playita"

It looks spectacular. You will accommodate up to 80 guests in the white sand beach overlooking the ocean.

And you will be cradle by the lovely sound of the saxophonist of Punta Cana Live Music...

  • "The main Beach"

Setting against a backdrop of the turquoise ocean, this extended white sand gazebo will turn your head. The advantage of this place is the space, until 250 guests! Our Pop band would love to play your wedding song list.

Any indecisiveness, you can pick up some ideas in the Punta Cana Live Music SONGLIST.

At AlSol Sanctuary, Cap Cana:

In the Alsol Sanctuary adults Resort, you can not invite children at your wedding and that's

the particularity of this Hotel.

An other interesting point of this wedding destination in Cap Cana is the gorgeous 6 gazebo available:

  • "The Juliets Balcony"

The Juliets Balcony reflect a lot the scene of "Romeo & Juliet" that everybody knows.

It 's the best panoramic view you can have in all the Resort. Private place where no tourist will spy on your wedding ceremony. Private too for the number of guests, up to 45.

I can see the violin quartet in the corner of the colonial balcony performing some classical music of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Vivaldi, Pachelbel...

  • "The Tropical Beach"

As the name say, the Tropical Beach gazebo is almost touching the water in a delicious white sand. Setting up to 200 chairs for your guests, you probably will need a tropical dominican trio to heat up your cocktail hour with some merengue, bachata, salsa...

  • "The Castle Ballroom Foyer"

Is the only indoor ceremony venue of the Resort Alsol Sanctuary. This Castle is made of prestigious colonial ceilings and will let in up to 150 guests.

Close your eyes and listen the voice a capella singing the "Ave Maria", or the "Canon in D"...

  • "The Grand Colonial Garden"

Down this Castle, we found The Grand Colonial Garden. Not Grand regarding the number of guests , around 80 only, but Grand for the beauty and the peacefulness of this garden.

The Punta Cana Live Music jazz trio would totally fit this wedding venue.

  • "Blue Marlin Ocean Portico"

If you are thinking about the words "Privacy", "Tropical", "Chic", "On top of the Water", "Gorgeous", "Panoramic View", this is your wedding gazebo. The Blue Marlin Ocean Portico is one of our favorite.

That pretty pontoon would call a romantic guitarist player to join the ceremony


  • "Private Island & Island Suite"

A "Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous" like they said... Connected to a private tropical island, your 100 guests max, will get some isolated rooms . Such a paradise!

Add to this, a duo singer/piano playing your best wedding songs and your dream come true.

Music events in the Alsol Hotels

There is no good music events in the Resorts and Hotels Alsol without an amazing professional staff. The quality of the animation team is the motor of any kind of occasion.

From the beach fire party, by way of surprise birthday celebration or funny karaoke, to the amazing saxophone player show at the beach, restaurant or on the crazy dance floor of the club, you will always find a guy from the animation team behind this...

Alsol Tiara, Cap Cana (A Jewel in Cap Cana)

The Resort Alsol and its crew propose some really good musical activities as a weekly karaoke.

We all know karaoke and some time there are no participant and the night goes down. But not in the Alsol Hotel, if no candidate shows up, a live musician would grab the party and perform the best hit over the music of the DJ to make people move.

And if it's not the karaoke night, it s the cocktail pool party. Also orchestrate by live musicians like the saxophonist playing with the DJ or a whole rock band composed of a drummer, a bass player and the singer/guitarist....

The Alsol Tiara is definitely a nice Resort to pass your vacation!

Alsol Luxury Village (The Ultimate in Caribbean Luxury)

The lovely benefit of the Hotel Alsol Luxury Village, is the night music show in the incredible amphitheatre. That gives you a real sensation to be in an other world!

Swing by the harmony of the sound of the live music band, this place is perfect for any joyful event.

Wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, honeymoon romantic dinner, reception with DJ, birthday party, welcome reception, vow renewals, jazz quartet concert....

The only thing with the amphitheatre is if it's raining.

No worries the Alsol Luxury Village get a huge dancing hall that fit too for any type of occasion.

The ideal resort to share in family or between friends!

Alsol Del Mar (The Unique Retreat)

Alsol Del Mar is for good the smallest one in rooms but that's what gives to this place a wonderful charm.

As I said before, ideal for your wedding but also to relax on holidays.

Every week you will enjoy the friendly karaoke leaded by the animation crew in the hall principal.

Let's enjoy the best songs of Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Christina Perri, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Mickael Bubble, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Adele, Luis Miguel, Juan Luis Guerra, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Pitbull, Justin Bieber, Pharrel Williams, Jason Mraz, James Brown, Barry White...

And on "Friday night", the show of the saxophone player is composed of more than 180 different songs. Traveling around jazz music, bossa nova, boleros, cha cha, cumbia, salsa, son de cuba, merengue, bachata, pop latino, electronic hits or internacional songs..

You ask, he plays, you dance!

That's why people like to come by the Resort Alsol Del Mar!

Alsol Sanctuary, Cap Cana (The Luxury Haven)

The particular mood of this Alsol is made by the fact that is an adults all-inclusive five stars resort.

For this reason, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a real club where you will dance all night long. With some intervention of live musicians and dancers to heat up the party. The duo Sax/DJ is amazing!

You can find this two musicians too around the pool depending the season at the foam party.

Live music at the terrace restaurant looking at the Caribbean sea or in the center of Sanctuary Village during shopping, you will be surrounded by lots of good live entertainment.

During the night, in the main Hall, you get the option to appreciate a drink & cigar at the jazzy piano bar..

And to close about the Sanctuary,Cap Cana Hotel, we can not forget to speak about the fire show on the beach at the white party. Sax player and dancers will entertain you the best way it has to be. Nothing better than an open sky dance floor, feet in the sand, "mojito" in the hand...

In conclusion, what ever the occasion is for, wedding ceremony, romantic dinner, cocktail hour, karaoke, birthday party or pool party, the Resorts and Hotels Alsol Del Mar, Alsol Sanctuary, Alsol Tiara or Alsol Luxury Village are good destination to spend your vacation.

You probably ask yourself how Punta Cana Live Music knows all of those musical activities in the Resorts Alsol, maybe because its musicians are part of this live entertainment...!

Let's finish listening some music of the sax player!


"ALL OF ME" John Legend "FLY ME TO THE MOON" Franck Sinatra

"BAILANDO" Enrique Iglesias "JUST THE TWO OF US" G. Washington


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