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Why should you opt for a saxophonist OR a violinist at your wedding?

One of the recurrent hesitation that brides, grooms or wedding planners use to announce me is the choice between a saxophonist and a violinist at their celebration. And the first answer that comes straight in my head is "Why can't you have both?".

If it's so difficult to make the choice, specially when you love the two instruments, the best way is still to book the duo of your dream that gather the violin player AND the saxophone player together.

Of course I can understand that two musicians will cost you more than one, that's why I'm gonna give you some tips to select one or the other in that case of you really need to.

I will try to be neutral in my description despite being saxophonist since I'm six years old...

Some differences between the Sax and the Violin...

One important point that any brides or grooms should know between the saxophone and the violin is about "the difficulty of learning" the instrument.

I repeat I'm saxophonist, and I have no shame to say that saxophone is easier and faster to learn and improve than violin. Of course, that is just my point of view but most of musicians that attempted to play both once in their life would make the same conclusion.

Naturally, it will depends of the investment, the capabilities, the determination, the culture of the person but basically for a same time of practicing, the sound result of the saxophone's student should be nicer to listen to. (Always good to ask the experience)

So in case of you will book your wedding musician without to be able to see any videos of him, statistically speaking, you will be less disappointed by a saxophonist performing your best wedding song than a violinist BUT you must never do that! For any artist you plan to hire for your event (musicians but also photographer, videographer, make-up artist, officiant...) you HAVE to check his work first.

What worst than to walk down the island on your loving "out of tune" song!

A second point that could help you to chose between your saxophone player or the violin player is the musical style of your songlist.

There is no rule about that but I mean, by their history, each instrument gets its proper properties, timbre, characteristic, sensibility, that will be more reflected in one musical style than an other.

For example, if I decided to offer my guests a classical music representation at my ceremony ,I would definitely opt for the traditional strings quartet, trio or duo...

For the simply reason that the saxophone didn't exist yet at the classical music period so no compositors thought about the sax to sing theirs masterpiece. And for me the vibration of the violin's "wood" express more feelings in classical music...

To name an other example, if your idea is to dance and get some up-beat tempos at your cocktail hour, maybe the percussive sound of the sax could fit better for this occasion.

Those two videos above illustrate this point of view with "Despacito" performing by the sax of Punta Cana Live Music during a cocktail hour at Pearl Beach Club and "The wedding march" at the violin in the wedding venue Huracan Cafe.

Naturally the contrary works as well if you contact goods musicians, you can have a slowly and romantic song at the saxophone and ask a groovy music to the violinist


To conclue with those two different instrument, one made of wood, generally brown and carry to the left shoulder, the violin and the saxo, metallic, color of gold, shiny, with a sound coming from the blast of air, you must listen the videos of your "future" musician and pay attention of what you feel when you heard his musical emotions.

Some videos of the duo Violin/Sax you, maybe, was looking for...

I really hope you will enjoy these next wedding videos and be convinced by this melodious duo Saxophone/Violin. Those two musicians and friends use to play together since a few years now.

One from Spain (Antton, the violinist) and the other from France (Pascal, the Saxophonist). Both studied long time in European music school and came to Dominican Republic to share their passion in the Island.

The distinctive characteristic of their duo is the talent and the facilities they have to improvise at any moment. Most of the time when one is playing the melody, the other answer and decorate it with charming improvised notes. And vice versa...

This particularity increase definitely the kind of music you can ask them. They can freestyle above any songs you like: the House or Electro of your DJ, some Jazz, Bossa Nova, Rock, Pop, Salsa, Merengue, Samba...

So if you've got the opportunity to hire two artists for your celebration and like the violin and the saxophone, you truly should consider this wedding duo!

Wedding song: Besame Mucho

Wedding song: Stand by Me

Wedding song: A pasito lento

Wedding song: All of Me


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