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Punta Cana Wedding at Huracan Cafe -renovated 2018!

The renovated Huracan Cafe:

One of the first wedding in Huracan Cafe with the new look 2018 of this gorgeous venue!

In Punta Cana and in many country, brides & groom, wedding planners, photographers, makeup artists, videographer, officiants, musicians, we were all waiting the reopening of the Huracan Cafe Wedding Venue. To see some pictures of the amazing work of Nati and her team who design this place.

Located in the center of Bavaro between the Sunscape and the Now Larimar Resort, in my opinion, it's one of the best destination wedding in Punta Cana.

From the street to the restaurant, now you will pass through a tunnel receiving the welcome cocktail. It gives me the impression to walk on the red carpet of a famous movie festival...

Then, all around the dinner room, it comes first a huge window that shows you the inside of the kitchen and its chef cooking in front of your eyes.

The food of the Huracan restaurant is delicious with a excellent menu.

Next to that, you find the opportunity for you smokers, to buy the best dominican cigars. They propose a huge variety of them, which will accompany the taste of your Brugal or Barcelo. (The 2 tasty Dominican rum...)

Wedding in Punta Cana Huracan Cafe

I was impressed when I came inside the restyled bridal room for the first time.

The Huracan Cafe team did an amazing job about the beauty of this space. Any bride would dream to get her wedding makeup done there.

Punta Cana Wedding, Huracan Cafe

Last part of the venue but not least, the Dominican Caribbean Beach decor of your ceremony face to the sea and now with the exact number of palm trees surrounding your wedding gazebo and your big letters LOVE or I DO.

By night, it looks amazing. Your first dance will get burn in your mind for ever!

Huracan Cafe Wedding

Any wedding photographer in Punta Cana will tell you that it's a blessing the makeover they did to Huracan Cafe. To get the right shots, it's definitely much easier in the right place!

Punta Cana Wedding Entertainment:

It's always a pleasure to play at Huracan Cafe. The Dj and his sound system make the music ring from the entry of the venue to the Caribbean sea. Really appreciated when the musician is playing at the cocktail hour next to the bar area and the bride, groom and family are taking the wedding pictures on the beach. They constantly can enjoy theirs wedding songs!

"How deep is your love" was one of the wedding song that Carmela, the bride, ask us for her cocktail hour. "Can it go deeper?" said the singer, which is pretty much what every one would like to know when they get married, isn't it?

Carmela is from Swiss next to France, so I guess for this reason she request a wedding song of Edith PIAF, "La vie en rose". Such a nice message of Love to send to your partner the day of your wedding day. It was a pleasure for our French Saxophonist to play this old tune...

Look at the baby in the following video, I'm pretty sure this wedding song was his favorite...

It's a sax cover of the tune "Smooth Operator"originally singing by Sade.

And in the background, the bridal suite of Huracan Cafe.

I really enjoy to perform the wedding song list of Carmela. There were lots of diversity in each music she select, slow, groovy, lounge beat, jazz, french song, US Pop, Brazilian bossa nova...

Clic on the green title to see the videos:

Wedding venue: Huracan Cafe

Wedding photographer:

Wedding makeup artist:

Wedding music: Thanks Carmela, the lovely bride, and Alejandro, the groom, to trust me for your Big Day!


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